Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Hot Cover Love

Today I'm over at the lovely VampFanGirl's blog, Lovin' Me Some Romance, where I'm talking about hot covers and what it is about them that we especially love? Pop on over and leave a comment to go into the draw for a giveaway of either Forbidden or Captive!

I've also set up a new Like page on Facebook, so if you'd like to join please click on the link below!!


Emma Lai said...

I meant to tell you, Captive is on the bookshelf at my local Barnes and Noble...in Sugar Land, TX.

Suzanne Brandyn Author said...

Will do...I've been looking at setting up a like page but haven't the faintest of how to. lol. :)

Christina Phillips said...

Emma, thanks so much for letting me know!! It's good to know it's really out on the shelves :-)

Hey Suz, the setting up is quite straightforward, but I got into so much of a muddle because both my pages were in the same name... I never had any idea who I was when I was over on FB!!