Monday, December 20, 2010

But is my stocking big enough...?

Are there really only five days to Christmas Day? (and if I tell Santa I've been a very bad girl will I get Henry in my stocking...?)

I know this week is freakishly busy for everyone, but just want to let you know that this Thursday, 23rd December I'm partying over at my good friend Michelle Diener's group blog, Magical Musings. There will be cookies and hot warriors to help melt the snow ~and~ I'm offering up a copy of either Forbidden or Captive to one lucky party-goer who leaves a comment on my post!


Christine said...

I can't believe Christmas is almost here!

Phillipa Ashley said...

Thud. No stocking is big enough for Henry Cavill, IMO.

Wishing you all a very ahppy Christmas,

Love, Phillipa xxxx

Christina Phillips said...

Christine, I know! This year has flown by :-)

Phillipa, lol, I don't mind if he just lolls under the Christmas tree instead :-)

Merry Christmas!!!