Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Caffeine Withdrawal

I never thought I was that addicted to coffee, but a few days ago a tiny rubber band snapped on our coffee maker (the bit that seals the coffee maker to the coffee jug) rendering it useless. OMG! No coffee. And you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find a place that first of all knows what bit of the appliance you're talking about, and secondly can get hold of said bit. Turns out they have to order these bands from the Eastern States (or perhaps even from Italy, who knows?) Anyway like I said, I never thought I was that addicted to the stuff but the headaches I've been getting every night at 7 pm are unbelievable! And much as I love black tea it just isn't hitting the spot!!

As for the writing side of things, I've finally hammered out a synopsis for my second Ancient Historical. That was surreal and I can't say I enjoyed the process but since it's a necessary evil I just kind of sucked it up (and all this without benefit of coffee, remember!!) Fingers crossed on that one!


April Vine said...

Christina, I bow down to you. Anyone that can even attempt a synopsis on zero coffee is beyond great. I usually get myself totally inebriated on the stuff before I even say the word synopsis.
Good luck, good luck, good luck, I’m sure it’s just perfect!!!

Sussan Marz said...

Oh no, not the coffee machine! You can always use a plunger - still yummy and definitely more potent than tea. Fingers crossed on the synopsis. Oh, belated congratulations on your sale to Berkley Heat (I know, I'm quite behind).

Kaye Manro said...

Oh my! That's terrible, really! I couldn't stand it. I'd go to the nearest coffee house and stay all day, lol. Once, I bought decaf and thought it was caf. I didn't understand why I had headaches everyday for a week, lol. But I figured it out and by then, I suppose I could have just continued on with the decaf. But no, not me. Have to have my high octane coffee. Yep, understand-- tea just doesn't get it.

So much good luck on the synopsis. I hate them too. Wish I didn't.

Cari Quinn said...

I can't do anything about coffee. Seriously. You have my utmost sympathy, Christina. LOL

Great work on getting the synopsis done! :)

Christina Phillips said...

As a test I went and had a takeaway Dome coffee at lunchtime yesterday. And no headache last night! Ack! Totally addicted!!!