Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Conference Photos

Here's Sara Hantz, doing a fabulous job as emcee for the conference weekend. President of the RWNZ, Pat Snellgrove, is standing on the left.

Pat and Modern Heat author Natalie Anderson

Sitting next to Flux author Sara, the lady in red is Sandra Hyatt, new Desire author who discovered she'd just sold her third book over the conference weekend. Yay! Next to her is Jan. The turquoise fairy is Giovanna Lee and Sue Knight is chatting to President Pat who was dressed as a rather gorgeous witch!!

The view from the conference room. Ten minutes before I took this picture the sun had been shining and it looked even more gorgeous!

Here I am with Shelley Munro!

Amanda Ashby, Kylie Griffin (who won the Clendon Award, yay Kylie!!!) and me at the Harlequin Cocktail Party on Friday night

Nalini Singh, Christina, Amanda and Sara

Barbara Clendon of Barbara's Books and founder of the Clendon Award in her fabulous devil wings outfit for the Touch of Fantasy dinner on Saturday

Saturday night Awards dinner - Executive Editor for Silhouette Matrice, Desire author Yvonne Lindsay and Mira/Berkley/Silhouette author Fiona Brand. Then we have NAL & Puffin author Amanda, Cristina Lee, Sales, Marketing and Publishing Director at Harlequin and Presents author Annie West

Here we are, Christina, Amanda and Sara aka The Tiara Girls!

Here's our room - fantastic for brainstorming!!!

Amanda and Sara's workshop - Getting Your Manuscript Out the Door- it doesn't show up too well here, but the slogan on the whiteboard says:


(Sara actually wanted us all to sing this but thankfully Amanda and I talked her out of it!!!)


Suzanne Brandyn Author said...

Hi Christina,

You look so happy. Thanks for sharing the pics... Now I know what Shelly looks like. hehehe Hi Shel. :)

Glad you had a fabulous time.

Suz :)

Amanda Ashby said...

Yay - the photos look amazing!!!!!!! I wish we were still there!!!

Erica Hayes said...

Great pics! Sigh. I'm all gloomy already to have to wait for next year...

Helen Hardt said...

I loved seeing all the photos!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Great photos - fun had by all it seems. I love that Sara wanted to sing your slogan. You could have another career as a girl band! ;)

Christina Phillips said...

Suz, we spent half the time laughing it was so much fun!

Amanda, only another 11 and a bit months until the next conference!

Erica, I did have a pic of you and me but while you looked fab I resembled a troll (so I didn't post it up!!!)

Christina Phillips said...

Glad you enjoyed the photos, Helen!

OMG Eleni, a girl band!!! that made me spit my tea! How funny!!

Nell Dixon said...

Fab pics, lovely to see you all

Cathryn Hein said...

Great photos, Christina. Sooo wish I'd been there.
Next year!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Ooops sorry, hope your computer is all safe from the spit tea... :)

Cari Quinn said...

Great photos! You guys look like you had a fabulous time! :)

Sussan Marz said...

Great photos. I likey the devil wings.

Phillipa said...

Chris thank you for sharing the pics. It all looks such great fun and that view is just stunning (and the fancy dress costumes...)

Sara Hantz said...

I'm so late coming to this party that it's only 11 months to go now!!!!