Monday, August 06, 2007

Countdown to Conference

Only nine more days and I'll be on my way to New Zealand! Omg it doesn't seem possible. It feels like only last week I was thinking about booking the flight, and now it's almost here!

I think I'm organised. Today I exchanged my Aussie dollars for NZ dollars and - gasp - have finally sorted out international dialling for my mobile. I'm about to dust off my youngest daughter's hot pink luggage (which I am borrowing...) and double check nothing I intend to wear on the flight will set off the alarms. (this happened to me the last time I travelled to the UK. On the stopover at Singapore, no less, I not only set off the alarms with my SHOES for god's sake!! but also had to open up my hand luggage as my make up brushes showed up on their x-ray screens as potentially lethal weapons. Like, yeah I am a dead ringer for Buffy!)


Sara Hantz said...

hahahahaha - what do you use exaclty for your make up? a hammer and chisel??????

I hope you've got a list and are crossing things off, like I am. I can't wait for conference it's going to be so fantastic.

Christina Phillips said...

Ha ha - funny!

They were a gift from my sil - brushes with silver handles. The brushes didn't show up, so all they saw were a set of silver handles in a wrap around case! Vampire slayer to be sure!