Friday, March 16, 2007

I am an Alien

My darling husband has desperately wanted a new laptop for over a year now (ever since one of our equally darling daughters managed to make our old one explode... hmmm) unfortunately there's always been slightly more pressing things we needed to do with the credit cards such as paying the gas bill (borrrring...)

Anyway, I have a writer's retreat coming up and have to confess I wasn't looking forward to using pen and paper to do my writerly writings. I mentioned, in passing, what a shame it was we didn't have a spare laptop floating around, and had all but decided that I'd use the upcoming weekend as a chance to re-read some of my craft books.

OMG. The other afternoon darling husband comes home with a brand new shiny notebook. Much excitement ensued, especially when I discovered it was one of those posh ones where you have to use a finger print for security.

What fun! He embeds his prints no problem then I do mine. Correction, I attempt to do mine.

The computer rejected my first few tries with a very unfriendly big red cross. How rude.

But then things got nasty. When I attempted again, it told me NO JOINT DETECTED.

Umm, excuse me???

I tried again. The computer kindly explained the problem. NO PRINT DETECTED.

Well duh. Things are only funny for so long. By this time my son was almost hysterical with laughter, and my husband grabbed my finger and jammed it on the display panel. Several times. With no effect. (and as an aside, my fingers hurt for AGES afterwards!!)

He told me I wasn't covering the entire panel. Well, how was I supposed to make my finger wider??

I even tried washing my hands but to no avail. The Computer Did. Not. Like. Me.

Ah. The wonders of technology. What's so bad about a good old fashioned password, that's what I'd like to know???


Sara Hantz said...


So, can you use it, or not?? I need to know.

Christina Phillips said...

Well, to top the lot today my main computer decided to get in a hump about it all, and refused to switch on!