Monday, December 11, 2006

Prescription for Happiness

Received a couple of early Chrissy pressies today, when fellow witch Pat's most delicious Christmas cake arrived. Hooray! I brought it into the house, and my son sort of leapt on it. I kid you not. He said, 'Is this the cake we had last year?' and without waiting for a reply began to rip it open. 'I can smell it already!' he yelled (the alcohol, he meant... not that I'm raising a lush or anything...) and mmmm my stomach is rumbling as I type since I'm dying to dig in with a good dollop of cream!

Enclosed in the parcel was a copy of the People's Friend Story Collection, Prescription for Happiness by Patricia Posner, aka Our Pat! I'm hopping mad my digital camera isn't working, since I want to take a pic of the gorgeous cover and upload it here. But it's lovely, with the most adorable little girl on the front which is a good thing, since I'd always imagined little Pippa to be that cute!

So... Huge Congrats to Pat!


Anonymous said...

Awww, Karen
I'm so glad you like the cover; Pippa is just perfect, isn't she!

As for the cake, well, I must be a verrry bad influence on Oliver if he leaps on it to get at the gallons of alcohol I fed it with.
It always amazes me when it arrives safely and unopened by customs - my man at the Post Office could smell the booze through all the layers of packaging.
Err, you do KNOW it's not meant to be eaten before Christmas Day.

Christina Phillips said...

No WAY will it remain unopened until Christmas Day!!

Sara Hantz said...

Hahahahah on the cake..... I also got my copy of Pat's book..... it now has pride of place in my bookcase.

Amanda Ashby said...

Yes, the cover for PFH is soooooooo beautiful and I don't like to boast but Pat's making chocolate cake for when we visit on Sunday...oh, hell...I'm soooooooo boasting!!!!!!!