Friday, August 25, 2006

Bye Bye Pluto, Bye Bye

So, just like that, poor old Pluto is no longer classified as a planet. Instead of seven planets in the solar system we now have eight, and a new category of 'dwarf planets'.

Well, duh. If scientists can do that, I don't feel at all bad making up my own fantastical universes where the sun and moon inhabit the sky at the same time whenever the fancy takes me. Actually, I never have felt bad about doing that, but I have to say I do feel a bit weird about having the planet Pluto demoted like that.

But times change. When I was at school I was taught dinosaurs became extinct because they were too big, slow and stupid to survive (umm wake up call... they survived for how many millions of years on earth before they were wiped out? And humans have been around exactly how long by comparison...?)

This of course has nothing to do with writing, and the title has nothing to do with Pluto and everything to do with me playing Bye Bye Baby by the Bay City Rollers this morning. I guess I am feeling kinda nostalgic. By the way, anyone remember the BCRs?!


Nell Dixon said...

I loved the BCR's, I still have my tartan scarf in the loft and play their stuff when I need a lift. Shang-a-lang is good to hoover to!! ggg

Sara Hantz said...

Hahahahahaha BCR that takes me back a while..... I wish I could say my older sister told me about it....

Christina Phillips said...

OMG, Nell. The tartan scarf. Hahahaha! And don't forget the trousers that divorced the ankles (not that I had a pair...)

Sara, of course I don't remember the BCRs at ALL. I was in utero at the time. *cough*