Friday, April 28, 2006

Witchy Thoughts

There is a great post on Amanda's blog today, about how the witches got together. And it reminded me of the first time Sara and I ever spoke.

A few weeks before the RNA conference in 2004, we discovered - quite by chance via the eharlequin boards - that we'd be on the same plane from Singapore to Heathrow. Wow! What an opportunity to get together before the conference!

So we exchanged a couple of formal emails introducing ourselves to each other (hehe, yes remember those polite emails, Sara?!) and then towards the end of the flight Sara came down looking for me (how brave is that?)

I think she must have batted her eyelashes at the flight attendent as he let me ascend to the splendour of business class, where Sara and I then proceded to be Painfully Polite with each other.

ahahaha. I am giggling now as I think of it. The roar of the engines prevented anything but genteel yelling (and I of course never yell) and then we hit some turbulance. After some toilet talk (ie aircraft loos are ridiculously tiny - what did you think I was talking about?!) I had to stagger back to my seat to prepare for landing.

The funny thing is we didn't become friends until after I returned to Australia and Sara returned to New Zealand a few weeks after the conference. We sometimes laugh about that time on the plane, and think how different it would be if we met up now that we know each other so well.

Oh yeah. Next time we'll be prepared, cause we'll take along our laptops so we can msn each other - even if we are sitting on the same aisle (those engines can be pretty noisy, y'know!)


Sara Hantz said...

Hahahahahaha I'm laughing outloud remembering it now. You're so right, we were both politeness itself and I couldn't hear you and you couldn't hear me yet we still had a conversation.

Well, we nodded and smiled a lot I suppose that was a conversation.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm Sugar calling in.
Well, Amanda won't allow me to post on her blog any more so I'll have to say 'Hooray for the Witches' here instead.
I find it hard to imagine Christina and Sara being polite to each other; they have certainly changed. Strange, I don't think any of the witches were ever polite to me.

Christina Phillips said...

omg that's too funny. I can't stop giggling!

Amanda Ashby said...

A, the good old days when were polite to each other!!!! And now i'm off to see if I can figure out a way for Malcom to post on my blog!

Sara Hantz said...

I'm not against Malcolm posting - I love him dearly - but just be careful in case he leaves any rude words behind!!

Anonymous said...

leaving behind for sara!