Tuesday, February 21, 2006


The jitters through not writing have now got sooo bad I'm doing crazy unpredictable things. Things like ironing (don't faint). I even washed the kitchen floor for the second time in a fortnight (unheard of). If I don't pull myself together soon and get my nose back to the computer screen who knows where this might end? Cleaning out the wardrobes? Tidying up my desk?

I'm so totally not a panster by choice. I like to have my skeleton in place so I have the general roadmap of where we're going (even if my characters do constantly nip off into the bushes once we start for, um, inspiration). But so far all I have is the beginning, a bit sort of in the middle and a rough idea of the ending.

Which, as one of the witches has been telling me, is more than enough to get started with. Er, excuse me? Are you sure? Isn't that, like, scary?

So why am I getting all excited at the thought?!


Amanda Ashby said...

Put down the iron and step away, and no one will get hurt. Especially not the collar of that shirt that I can see you're eyeing off.

As for not having a clue what happens in the book. Well what's the problem? I do that all the time and look at me! Hmmmm, yes, see your point. Probably another week or so and you'll have that plotting all sorted out!!

Deepak Menon said...

Writers Mental Cramp is what Leo's get when they are writing and being endowed with a surplus of energy - they take it out on poor old man "Work" - I for instance am intensively into something I could never think of doind - Work - so the poet in me working hard and strangely it appears to be only reflected in Poetry which is not visible while at work - thank God for the Blog

Sara Hantz said...

I feel awful. I did warn you I was contagious, and now look what's happened. I clean my office one day and the next cleaning is pouring all out of you.

Just sit down. Have a couple of large diet cokes covered with melted chocolate (without the nuts because I know how you feel about nuts - though quite why goodness only knows seeing as you are one) and then you should be okay.

Failing that, just SIT IN THE CHAIR AND WRITE with or without your skeletal road map!