Friday, June 03, 2005

Squeezing it Out

Well, I don't know what you thought I was talking about, but I am, of course, referring to my outline. I managed another half page today and thought I was doing pretty well okay until I realised I'd gone off on a right tangent and was talking about the heroine of my next novel. Oops. Never mind, because luckily she just so happens to be the neighbour and best friend of Daisy so I think I'll leave it in so I don't get too confused when mentioning her.

It's weird because I never set out to write a series of linked books, but when a chick like Kim grabs hold of your muse and won't let go until you write her story, it's kind of hard to say no. And then of course Daisy wandered into the rock concert scene with a whole secret life of her own to tell.

It's a good job I'm a writer and can talk about my imaginary friends without being thought totally crackers, huh?


Sara Hantz said...

who told you that you could talk to your imaginery friends and not be thought crackers???????

so how many books in this series? does kim have a lot of friends? will you be writing this series until you're in your dotage????

why am i posting on your blog when i should be writing my ms?

Christina Phillips said...

(a) you did (heh heh)

(b) four at last count... yes... and... very likely...

(c) absolutely no comment!!