Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Procrastination is an Art Form

Not that I ever procrastinate, mind you (I have to say that in case my cps are lurking, hehehe)

However, why is it some days the words flow like wine, um, I mean like water, and other days it's like trying to squash wool through a tea strainer?

Now, I have excellent reasons why I wasn't in front of my computer screen forcing my heroine into uncomfortable positions (she's an exotic dancer but that's beside the point), but no matter which way I look at it, if I'd really put my mind to it I could've opened up that document and got some wordage down. Ug.

So after lunch, and before I had to take daughter #2 back to college for the second time today, I parked my butt and forced myself to do something I tell the world I absolutely love doing. Write. Yeah. Soooo hard.

After 4 pages I was gagging to surf the net, check out my fave blogs and read my e-loops. Hey it's all research, right, so I wouldn't really be skiving off!

Wrong! I'm a writer, and to be a writer I must write. No two ways about it. I whined and whimpered and threw a hissy fit but I wouldn't let myself hit Close. I sat staring at the screen for a few minutes having a bit of a sulk, but in the end I put my head down and managed another couple of pages.

Yay! Hm, okay 6 pages is nothing to throw a party about, but on the other hand it's six pages better than a big fat zero. I hate big fat zero days! They really get me down, even though I have plenty, usually at weekends!

And I tell myself this is all brilliant discipline for when I finally have an agent, an editor, a book contract and a DEADLINE!!!!!


Amanda Ashby said...

your self-discipline is amazing. and i bet you only ate carrot and celery sticks while you were writing as well!!!!

Christina Phillips said...

But of course, and the chocolate dip was rather yummy too!!

Sara Hantz said...

your self discipline is extremely virtuous - naybe you can send some my way. mmmm yum carrots in choc dip - worth coming off the diet for