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Passion in Paris - Helen Hardt

Please welcome my special guest this week, the lovely Helen Hardt! Helen, thanks for popping back to chat about your new Scarlet Rosette, Passion in Paris, which was released by The Wild Rose Press last Friday and is already riding high in the charts!

And don't forget, all Rosettes are on sale for the month of April at the red hot price of just 99 cents each!!

Can you tell us a little about your book?

Passion in Paris originated when my friend and webmistress, Kylie Creel (hi Kylie!), introduced me to a young French hottie named Emmanuel Delcour. I had just finished Seduced in Seoul, and wanted to write another Destination Pleasure story for The Wild Rose Press, Wilder Roses. What better location than Paris? And what better hero than a young and charming Frenchman who has a little secret? Thus, Passion in Paris was born.

Attempting to overcome her fear of heights by visiting the top of the Eiffel Tower, Raine never expects to end up in the arms of a gorgeous Frenchman. But after fainting in the tower’s elevator, that’s where she awakens. Blaise is young, charming, and hot, so why, Raine wonders, is he attracted to her? And why does she have the strange feeling she’s seen him somewhere before?

Red Hot Excerpt - Adults Only!!

Blaise’s body tightened. Her lips were as delicious as he’d thought they’d be. He’d wanted to kiss her since she first fell onto him in the elevator, her lush dark hair cascading down his chest and arms. He’d impetuously decided to bring her here, to his place. It wasn’t far from the Eiffel Tower and for some reason unknown to him, he’d wanted to care for her.

She kissed him like a sédutrice, opening her mouth and swirling her tongue around his. She nipped his lips with a hunger that was both innocent and passionate. The fire she ignited in him traveled straight to his groin, reminding him how long he’d gone without a woman. Nearly two years now. Not that he hadn’t had the chance. He was a model; women constantly came on to him. But he hadn’t been interested.

Until now.

Lorraine was older than he, more mature, but he didn’t care. He wanted her. She was beautiful, yes. And cute. So adorable to be afraid of heights. But he’d known his share of stunning women. What was it about her?

Sighing into her welcoming mouth, he deepened the kiss, tangling his tongue with hers. Enjoying the soft moans from her throat. Her mouth tasted like the Beaujolais, with a touch of honeyed sweetness. He groaned. His cock throbbed inside his jeans, aching for release.

But no. He wanted to go slowly. To savor her.

Summoning all his willpower, he broke the kiss, trailing his lips over her cheek to her ear. He pressed a moist kiss to the silky skin below her lobe. “You’re so beautiful, chérie. So hot.”

“Mmm.” Her voice had lowered, and her breath feathered against his cheek.

“I knew it would be paradise to kiss you.” He traced the shell of her ear with his tongue. “You are delicious.”

She sighed. “You are, too.”

“I meant what I said.” His body shuddered at her nearness. “I want to kiss you. Lick you.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

“I want to fuck you, chérie. Until you cannot walk.”

*Christina fans self*

How did the idea for the plot come about?

I had to get my cougar heroine and my young Frenchman together, so I came up with the idea of having her go to the top of the Eiffel Tower to try to overcome her fear of heights.

She's unsuccessful and faints in the elevator. And, of course, our hottie is there to catch her.

Who or what inspires you and why?

I think I'm inspired by a little bit of everything, to tell you the truth. My wonderful husband, of course, is the role model for every hero I've created. All my heroes are unique, but there's a little bit of Dean in each one. Sometimes I'm inspired by a song. Sometimes a photo (as was the case for Passion in Paris.) Sometimes a title comes to me first. This happened with Thai'd Up, another Destination Pleasure short that's coming soon. When I thought of that title, I knew I had to write the story! Other times I'm inspired by a book I've read, but thought a few things should have been handled differently. So I'll write a new story. Really there's no end to my inspiration, LOL.

If you rubbed a lamp and a hot djinn appeared and offered you a single wish, what would you ask for (or make him do?!)

Fantasy Helen would probably ask him to summon his equally hot djinn friend (who bears a striking resemblance to Gerard Butler) so we could all have a nice...sandwich together.

But reality Helen? I'd ask for good health and long life for my husband, my sons, and me. It's so easy to take good health for granted. I'm thankful everyday for mine and my family's.

Where do you see yourself as a writer five years from now?

On the NYT bestseller list, of course, right next to you, Christina! LOL. Wouldn't that be something? But where I actually see myself is being able to support my family with my writing so my husband can stop working. He's supported me for all these years. I'd love to do the same for him.

What's the best, and worst, things about writing for you?

The best is when everything comes together perfectly -- plot, characters, conflict, emotion. When I make myself cry or give myself belly tugs, I know it's working. Or when I get great feedback from my critique partners. I got this amazing reaction from them with my upcoming historical western novella, The Outlaw's Angel. I wrote that one very quickly, and it came together well.

The worst is the opposite -- when a story isn't working. I'm not feeling the love, and neither are my CPs. Sometimes I can fix this, but other times I have to take a different avenue. I'm sure all writers have experienced something similar. You have what you think is a great idea, but the characters aren't cooperating. Annoying!


What's your fave:

Time to write
The morning, but ironically, by the time I get through all the email, blogging, etc., it's usually afternoon before I actually write a word!

Song I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Pair of shoes I'm so not into shoes! My husband loves that I'm not into clothes. I hate shopping. But let's see -- I guess I'd have to say my Chacos. They're comfortable and you can pretty much go anywhere in them.

Food Sushi or Dean's homemade spaghetti sauce

Place (on earth or off!) Hawaii, or snuggled in my bed with a good book

Guiltiest pleasure Pedicures and massages

Catch up with Helen over at her website and her blog!


Helen Hardt said...

Thanks for having me today, Christina!

Kaye Manro said...

Hi Helen and Christina -- I am so glad you have the hot excerpt! (Fanning myself too) Great interview. I enjoyed the new q/a here.

Skhye said...

Wow, great excerpt. These are how my heroes are but maybe not as forward. You get the point through internalization. I guess that's why I write hot paranormals instead of romantica. LOL Thanks so much for posting, Christina. I wouldn't have seen this excerpt otherwise... ;)

Skhye said...

These? UGH. Screaming children can be so distracting... "THIS is how my heroes..." LOL

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Christina and Helen!

Holy COW! I loved the steamy excerpt Helen! Such a great way to get the morning going. LOL

I also liked the like Q&A. It was fun getting to see another side of you. Good questions, Christina. :o)

Emma Lai said...

Hi, ladies! Great interview, loved the Quickies, Christina. HOT excerpt, Helen. Makes me salivate!

Catherine Bybee said...

A Helen sandwich? Naughty girl. lol... and yes it is in the afternoon when I finally write. ugh!

Helen Hardt said...

Hi Kaye -- yes, we finally had to post a hot one, LOL. All excerpts I've posted so far for PIP have been PG. I actually gave Christina the choice, and of course our Christina picked HOT!


Helen Hardt said...

Skhye, I'm so glad you enjoyed the excerpt! Yes, internalization is a great tool. I use it a lot. Thanks for stopping by!


Helen Hardt said...

Hi Sarah, it's always great to see you! I agree, Christina's new questions were wonderful -- and lots of fun to answer ;).


Helen Hardt said...

Hi Emma -- quickies are always fun! (Pun definitely intended ;).)

Wikkibird said...

Aww, Helen! You are so sweet! *hugs* I'm glad I could pass inspiration on to you. He's just one hot man!! I agree... a sandwich with Gerald Butler... *prr*

Helen Hardt said...

Hi Catherine! A sandwich sounds delicious to me, LOL.

Helen Hardt said...

Kylie, hon, I always give credit where credit is due ;). Thanks for the inspiration!

Mary Ricksen said...

Helen I love your wonderful approach to writing and I love...your blog. I can usually get a good quick fix there!

Tricia Leigh Wood said...

Hi Christina and Helen,
Great interview. Snuggled in bed with a good books is one of my favorites also.

I can never get enough of your cover. It is absolutley gorgeous.

Cari Quinn said...

I'm with you on the shoes, Helen! I'd never heard of Chacos, so I looked them up online. They remind me of my Birkenstocks, except they're a little prettier. ;) I adore my Birkis, though I'd rather run around barefoot all day...

Anyway, loved the interview and the fun new questions! And that blazing excerpt...mmm, must be time to whip out my copy of PIP again, LOL

Christina Phillips said...

Glad you enjoyed the quickies, ladies!!!

And yes, when Helen gave me the choice of excerpt I couldn't resist this one!!!

Renee Knowles said...

Hi Helen and Christina! PIP is at the very top of my TBR list! This excerpt is so hot, I can't wait.

Thanks for the gorgeous eye candy as well, girls.

Wishing you continued success, Helen!


Viola Estrella said...

Hi Helen and Christina! Great interview. Helen, I loved your single wish answer. :-) And your excerpt is scorching!

Monica Kaye said...

That was a wonderful interview! And the book isn't half-bad either. LOL