Monday, March 02, 2009

Is Your Heroine a Mary Sue?

I've heard of the Mary Sue term before. It's used to describe a heroine who is perfect and wonderful and probably picked on by other characters (even though, bless her heart she doesn't deserve it because she's so wonderful. Oh, and beautiful...) Apparently it's a wish-fulfilment character of 'all the things the author wants to be'.

Anyway, I have come across this before, but was reminded of it over the weekend when there was a blog post about it over at The Wild Rose Press. There were a couple of links to take a test to see if your heroine was a Mary Sue.

I suddenly had a panic attack. I'm so in love with my current hero and heroine that a very nasty thought occurred. Was my Carys really a Mary Sue?


Well I got brave and did the tests and much to my relief scored round about 13 in both. In fact the results made me laugh as one site told me I needed to get closer to my heroine. Ha ha. If I got any closer there'd be legal issues.

Here are the links if you fancy having a bit of fun. How did you score?!

Mary Sue 1

Mary Sue 2


Judith Leger said...

I ended up with a 14. Good lord, most of those things are in a ton of books out on the shelf now.

Shelley Munro said...

Oh, dear. I'm scared to take the tests. It's like when someone is being told off and you're suddenly looking over your shoulder and thinking - um, is that me? Does he mean me?

Kaye Manro said...

LOL, I haven't done it yet, but I understand what you mean, Christina. Scared to take the test Shelley? Yeah, me too.

Mon Wood said...

Lol. I cracked up when I did the first test because I'd hardly answered any questions and got this result - "Borderline-Sue. Your character is cutting it close, and you may want to work on the details a bit, but you're well on your way to having a lovely original character. Good work."

Aargh. I thought she wasn't Sue-like in the slightest. Hmmm. Maybe my judgement isn't so hot!

Thanks for sharing the fun, Christina!

Christina Phillips said...

Heheh, glad you found it fun. Some of the actual questions are pretty funny too!

Helen Hardt said...

I've never heard this term before, Christina. I'll check it out!