Monday, March 20, 2006

Penile Brains

What is it with these emails ads? I've been plagued by that doctor one for ages offering all sorts of sexual edifications but the latest blast reads like some dusty penny dreadful before descending (or maybe ascending is a better word) into complete gobbledegook.

Like, what?

I block and bounce until I feel like I'm playing ping pong with my mouse. What I really want to do is hit reply and tell them to FOAD (see Miss Snark for clarification on that one!) Recently I read the best thing to do is just delete as if you bounce they KNOW YOU ARE REALLY THERE.

Well, oopsy, too late for that one!

I don't care about the odd ones that slip through but when I open up my emails and have 8 of them it really pisses me off. Which I suppose is the point but honestly - what is the point? Am I missing it?

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Sara Hantz said...

I must get over a 100 spam emails a day - ranging from rolex watches to viagra (and all other similar products).

My email sorts out the spam from the rest - except it always gets it wrong. So I have to carefully go through all the emails in my deleted box because of booking enquiries. And try as I might, I can't seem to get my email to accept that motel enquiries are legitimate - I've put in all sorts of combinations of words they should accept.