Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Deal - Day One

Okay here's the thing. For the last 12 days I've managed absolute zilch on Kil Lil. And the longer it went on, the harder it was to even think about opening the document, never mind actually write anything.

Not that I've been lazing off completely. I have been busy querying agents, and I find that all quite stressful! (yes so I am making excuses... shoot me...!)

Anyway, apart from the fact I hate it when I'm not writing I was also feeling incredibly guilty because Amanda's been eye deep in revisions and doing an absolute fantastic job. So yesterday Sara and I had a Discussion and decided on a deal to get us both back into the loop.

We decided that today we both had to write one paragraph on our wips.

Not much you might think, but I reckon a lot of it is all psycological. If I could just manage to open that doc and write one paragraph, I'd be back in the swing of it again.

So this morning I dived back into Lil and argh. Double argh. Three hours later I'd managed the grand total of 3 pages, and can I just say it was like trying to pass gall stones (been there, done that...!)

Tomorrow our deal is to finish one whole page, so with a bit of luck I might finally wrap up chapter 4, which has been hanging around for the last three weeks bugging the life out of me.

And as a side note, do you notice I am putting links? Yay me!


Sara Hantz said...

Yay!!! 3 pages is a great start - and 2 pages more than me!!!!!

And I'm suitably impressed with the links - maybe you can walk me through doing that??????

Christina Phillips said...

The most important thing is we are both back in the saddle!

The links are easy. I nipped over to Amanda's blog and found the posting she did which explained all about it!