Thursday, March 30, 2006

In the Bag

Hooray. Finally after way too long I've finished chapter 4! What a relief. The big problem now of course is what the hell happens in chapter 5?

That's the trouble with pansting (is that spelt right?) In the past I've always had at least some kind of outline, or failing that stepping stones that highlighted all the important scenes I had to cover. This time around I have zilch, just notes scribbled down on characters' motivation and such like. It's all new territory for me and I'm not convinced my muse approves.

But I do love the story and can't wait to see how all the various threads are going to untangle themselves before the end.

What do you mean, that's something I have to work out for myself?! You're joking, right?


Sara Hantz said...

Yay on finishing. Omg about not having an outline, that is seriously scary

Amanda Ashby said...

OMG as if you go blog crazy while I'm in cyber-exile. Anyway, big yays on Kill Lil. I reckon this is your most ambitious one yet and you're nailing it!

And hahaha on the pantsing it. Next you and Sara will start doing multiple versions. Mwhahaha

Anonymous said...

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