Thursday, October 09, 2014

Can you handle the Heat? Secret Confessions: #SydneyWives WILLOW Online Launch!

Hooray! I am beyond excited to finally share all the scandalous details of this scorching new series from Escape Publishing! And what's more - I have a Pre-Order button for my book Willow, which hits the cyber shelves on 19th February 2015! Yes, it's the little things that make me so happy :-)

Meet the Housewives of Sydney. They are wealthy, elegant, poised, and constantly in the public eye. But what goes on behind closed doors, in the private homes and parties where the cameras and paparazzi aren’t welcome? Delve into the most personal details of their relationships, their friendships and their lives. The only question is: can you handle the heat?

Willow has loved Seb for as long as she can remember, but he has a past that she can’t handle, so she’s never done anything about it. But to not have him in her life is unthinkable, so  she holds on to him the only way she can – through friendship. Now his writing career is taking off, and Willow finds herself increasingly jealous of his groupies and increasingly unable to keep her feelings to herself. 

An unexpected visit leads to an unanticipated kiss – and Seb and Willow end up in her bed. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to Willow, but can she trust that Seb wants more than a bit of afternoon delight – and can she trust herself to let go of the past in order to gain a future?

You’ve never met housewives as hot as these…
They’re wealthy, beautiful, glamorous – the elite of Sydney society.
But appearances can be deceiving.
And no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.
Until now.
Eleven brand-new stories from 11 of Australia’s hottest authors, this scandalous, sexy, secretive series uncovers the privileged lives of Sydney’s affluent: their work, their families, their friends, and their men. 
Each story unfolds in real time, revealing the secrets of one housewife at a time. Each is a member of the influential Double Diamond Dinner Club, and each has everything to lose if their fellow members learn of their needs, desires, and bedroom inclinations. 
Debuting  6 November, with a new story every fortnight, nothing is hidden, nothing is forbidden – and nothing will ever be the same

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives throws open the doors to how the other half lives – and loves. 
Consider this your invitation to the most exclusive dinner party in town – Chanel and Louboutins optional. 



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And just to add to the fun, we have The Housewives Lounge, where you can hang out and chat with all the Secret Confessions authors! Pop over and join the Facebook Group today :-)

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