Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday ~ TOUCH OF THE DEMON

Welcome to this Sunday's Sneak Peek where I share six paragraphs of my short erotic paranormal romance, Touch of the Demon. I hope you enjoy Rafe and Celeste!

Rafe has been sent back in time to neutralize a threat to the future. When he meets his mark, Celeste, instead of carrying out his orders he falls under her seductive spell. This is a snippet from the scene soon after they meet:

“You don’t know how to listen.” But she turned her head slightly, so his palm grazed against her jaw. He drew in a sharp breath and satisfaction sliced through her. He wasn’t immune to her, any more than she was to him.

It meant nothing. Could lead nowhere but hell. And yet she still couldn’t draw back.

“Why don’t you try me?” His thigh pressed against hers, hot and unyielding. She refused to retreat, instead returning the pressure and hot darts of lust pierced deep within her womb.

“I wouldn’t lower myself.” She flattened her hand against his chest to push him away. His heart beat beneath her fingers and, instead of repelling him, she pressed against the cool linen of his shirt as the heat of his body warmed the fabric.

His fingers caressed her face then speared through her hair. She gasped in shock as her head jerked back.

“You don’t have to beg.” His voice was hoarse, his dark eyes glowing with lust. Instead of terrifying, the vision inflamed. “You only need to ask.”

Bad ass dark angel Rafe travels back in time to destroy the woman who is fated to bring untold chaos to the cosmos. Instead he finds Celeste, a child of the Earth Goddess, who is sworn to protect the one Rafe seeks.

 He mistakes her for his quarry, but an irresistible attraction prevents him from taking her soul. And although Celeste holds the one weapon capable of banishing Rafe from Earth forever, she’s unable to deny the overwhelming desire to possess this creature from hell.

They come together in a frenzy of passion, each believing they are changing destiny by their actions. But when the Earth Goddess appears they discover her plans are more far reaching than either had imagined. 

 "Christina Phillips has done a spectacular job of making her world come alive for the reader." Night Owl Top Pick Reviews
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Shelley Munro said...

Nice! I loved this peek. I can see why you received a top pick!

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Enjoyed the excerpt, Christina. Love time travels. :)

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks Shelley! I was very chuffed by that review :-)

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks, Dawn Marie! I love time travels too. I'm toying with another one at the moment :-)

Unknown said...

Fantastic peek!! Congrats on receiving a top pick!

Christina Phillips said...

Thank you, Sara!