Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Okay! Well I really don't have anything to say today, but couldn't let this date slip by without acknowledging it!!! Although I think 08.08.08 is prettier I also think I managed to forget about that one last year.

So what's everyone been up to? I'm deep in my universe and loving it sooo much it's hard to re-emerge into the real one. It took a while to understand what my characters were up to, about 30k in fact which isn't usual for me as generally I tend to know them pretty well after the first few chapters. But not this time, it turned out the heroine had a sister and the hero a secret occupation, both which seriously impact on the entire plot!! And of course this means the beginning is going to need some ruthless tweaking at some point, so that should be fun(!)


Suzanne Brandyn Author said...

Slogging away. lol lol.. but today, 09/09/09 is my beautiful daughter's birthday. YAH!

Still working on that synopsis.

Tweaking, I can relate to that. lol.. Good luck with it Christina. :)

Mel Teshco said...

Ooh, spooky!!
Suzanne - is she also nine today (g) I too can relate to tweaking

Helen Hardt said...

Same as Suz and Mel, I can relate to tweaking. I often learn about my characters as I write. Happy 09/09/09! (I think it's already 09/10/09 for you, Christina, as I write this, LOL.)

Cari Quinn said...

Glad you're having fun. :) Isn't that the best feeling to lose yourself in your writing? For me, I usually become more invested around 10K or so...until then I'm kinda going through the motions. Right now I'm in two worlds/books simultaneously, which feeds my ADD tendencies. LOL

Oh, and tweaking is my life! ;)

Christina Phillips said...

Aww, Suz!! Very happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!! And good luck whipping that synopsis into shape!!

Mel and Helen, one of my problems is I could tweak indefinitely! It's a bit addictive!! And lol Helen on the date, I still get so confused by which time zone I'm in!!!

Cari, exactly! It's like you need that time to get to know the characters and find out who they really are - except this time it's taken me that much longer!!