Monday, December 15, 2008

Touch of the Demon - Excerpt

Here's a taster of my upcoming Scarlet Rosette, Touch of the Demon. Hope you enjoy!!

“I’ll beg you for nothing.” It was a lie. If Celeste thought begging could get her anywhere, then she would already be on her knees before him. She kept that knowledge locked deep in her heart.

Rafe took a step toward her and her heart hammered in her breast. He was taller than any human she had known over the years. But then, he wasn’t human. Beneath the long leather coat he wore against the night’s chill air, his broad shoulders all but blotted out the rest of the world.

She sucked in a suddenly panicked breath, and his evocative scent of other worldly essences, meshed with hot, heavy male enveloped her. Against every principle she stood for, her nipples strained against the fabric of her bodice, peaking with desire and disgust and pure, animal heat.

A mocking smile twisted his full sensual lips. “I could make you beg, human.” His finger traced the outline of her face and she shuddered, hating the way she reacted and yet unable to help herself. “I might even listen.” His smoky whisper shimmered along her senses, searing with words unsaid.


Eleni Konstantine said...

Great excerpt Christina!

April Vine said...

That taster has made me greedy for more.
As usual it sounds alluring

Judith Leger said...

Oh, now that's not fair. Okay, I guess I'm just going to have break down and buy it when it's released. Nice going. Now I want to see what you Demon is like. Hee Hee, Don't you love them!

Cari Quinn said...

Mmmm, I can't wait to read this! What a tantalizing excerpt, Christina! :)

Suzanne Brandyn Author said...

Lovely, very lovely indeed Christina.
Hmm.. okay so I don't dare ask what happens. I guess I have to find out for myself. lol


Christina Phillips said...

Thanks so much, ladies!

Mon Wood said...

Ooh er. Nice teaser! The hero sounds hooooot and scary. Why am I getting a picture of Van Helsing in my head?! Lol.

Btw, I have been very slow to get around to this, but just letting you know I added your blog to my 'I Love Your Blog' list.

:-) Mon

Eleni Konstantine said...

Oh Mon, Van Helsing...otherwise known as Hugh. Nice image to have.

Mon Wood said...

Oh, that's right! It was Hugh. Gees, I forgot *snort*.

I'm sure Christina had a dark and brooding Clive in mind, though. Or maybe someone else... hmmm, do we get to find out who the hero was inspired by?!

Christina Phillips said...

Hehehe! Eleni beat me to it, Mon. I immediately got the Hugh image in that long flowing coat!!!

It's very weird, but I never see Clive as my heroes! I don't know why because actually I think he'd make a really fabulous Rafe!!!

Thank you so much for the award, Mon, I'll go check it out now!

Mon Wood said...

No problemo!

Please tell me Rafe has long flowing locks a-la HJ in the movie. We do want Celeste to run her fingers through them. Oh, and if you can make her look like me, I'd be most appreciative *wink*

Christina Phillips said...

He does indeed have long flowing locks and Celeste most certainly runs her fingers through them. Among other things *ahem*

I actually based Celese on me. Long silver hair, green and gold eyes, killer body.

Okay, so I lie!!!

Mon Wood said...

Lol. I'm very intrigued! The characters do sound hot.

Good luck with it :-)

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks for the good luck, Mon. I'm just about ready to send off the latest round of edits!