Sunday, January 15, 2006


Call me mad (I'm a writer, so I've been called worse... snigger) but if I go for several days without writing I get the twitchies. Generally I don't write at weekends what with dear hubby and kidlets kicking about and whatnot, and only over the last year have I started to write productively during school holidays (I lock said kidlets in garden shed... what, that's frowned on? Oh, okay...)

However, when my current idea demanded to be written instantly, like right now, no now, not next month (and of course my adorable CPs also kicked my butt) it just so happened to be slap bang when the school summer holidays started. One week before Christmas. Right, very convenient!

Anyway, for some reason I thought okay, I'll give myself a 10 page a day personal deadline with the objective of having it finished by the end of January. So apart from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, that's what I've managed (yes I even sneaked away on New Year's Day, I'm THAT dedicated!!)

However, today I didn't manage my 10 pages. And I've got the twitches. After one day. Unbelievable.

There's only thing to do in this type of situation. Eat chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

And drink takeaway latte. Mmmmmmmm!


Sara Hantz said...

and you reckon these twitches are due to not writing? you know it could also be due to lack of pinapple juice and wine because once addicted to that it can take forever to return to normal!!

btw did you know you've been tagged!!!

Christina Phillips said...

Pineapple juice and wine? I can't believe ANYone could drink that combination!!

How exciting - I've been tagged!