Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sex on the Brain

Or in other words writing a love scene. In my head I had it happening in about three days time, but my hero had other ideas (seeing as he's gone without for four thousand years I suppose I can't blame the poor guy). Still, he did sort of spring it on me and I wasn't quite Mentally Prepared as he morphed into Sex Slave mode. Despite my gentle coaxing he wasn't having any more procrastination and I spent the next five hours massaging the scene into shape. Talk about exhausting. I think I ended up more shattered than my heroine but while she could take it easy in the Jacuzzi I had to edit. No rest for the wicked.


Amanda Ashby said...

Yes, but think of how grateful your hero and heroine will now be to you and I'm sure that for this last part of the book, they will do exactly as you tell them to (yes, N and K, I'm talking to you).

Sara Hantz said...

I'm not surprised you were exhausted - phew it was HOT!!!!!!!

Okay, lets have the next bit then, you've had your rest