Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday 13th! TAINTED ~ 5 Stars ~ "Epic love... raw, erotic but romantic"

Tainted has received another amazing 5 Star review from Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains with a Thumbs-Up Thursday! Here is a snippet:

"The biggest appeal in the beginning is Gawain. The beautiful Cambrian warrior. I'm a sucker for warrior type men. Big, beautiful bodies, strong, commanding tendencies and a real belief in duty and heritage. But Gawain is written so beautifully that his alpha male ways are never dampened by his moments of kindness and compassion. I dare you not to fall in love with him...

"And Antonia. Lovely, Antonia. She appears fragile, ethereal, beautiful. I find I'm quite a fan of these slightly delicate heroines that only reveal their strength to us as the story progresses... strength can come from within and I admire a writer who recognises that. And as a reader, you immediately feel sympathy for her as we learn of the things she has endured during her time in Rome with the husband who has now abandoned her after she cannot deliver any sons to term.

What starts out as an extremely erotic, yet thoroughly sensual and beautiful relationship between Gawain and Antonia, soon turns into what I could quite easily class as epic love. It's the kind of story where everyone is against them and you can't see how they could possibly be together yet you yearn for it so much your heart aches. They come together very quickly but the chemistry is so intense and Antonia's reasonings so logical that is doesn't seem rushed and it's easy to see why they fall for each other." 


Venetia Green said...

Fantastic review, Christina. Congratulations!
Epic love ... I simply must read it.

Christina Phillips said...

Thank you, Venetia :-) I was absolutely thrilled with this review!!