Friday, February 03, 2012

Lightning Strikes

In case you thought I'd fallen off the edge of the planet... it certainly felt like it to me! Two weeks ago in the early hours of the morning we were hit by the worst storm I can ever remember. At one point the thunder was so terrific it sounded as if our roof had exploded. The back garden flooded and we later discovered our laptops and air con were fried. This during the hottest heat wave for something like 40 years!!! I'm talking temps hitting the high 90s (that's about 40 degrees I think!) And that lasted for a good 10 days without respite.

We're still without internet access, so thank goodness for whoever invented the dongle! (although who makes up these names?!)

The only good news was just the previous weekend I'd done a massive back up of all my photos and docs (actually that's a bit of a lie, my husband very cleverly managed to save the lot to a stick. I seriously believe he has the gift!) Unfortunately it did wipe off my website program and I'm still struggling to get that back online. So please accept my apologies for the outdated info on the home page of Christina Phillips (I haven't attempted the Christina Ashcroft one yet!). For some reason, although I've managed to reinstall everything on my new laptop, my updates aren't uploading to the server. If any wonderfully techie minded person has an idea why that might be please let me know!!!


Kaye Manro said...

Wow! I'm so sorry to hear about that strike. I also lost a lot of my work over the holidays-- got my computer stolen. I was carrying my flash stick in the case too. I'm having to pull everything back together too.

Suzanne Brandyn Author said...

Oh wow, Christinia. I'm glad you are safe. We are having some weird weather lately aren't we.
Great that hubby did the backing up. I, yesterday backed up all my files. I'd die if I lost them. I dont' know how I would ever start over from scratch.

Keep Safe,
Suz :)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Thank goodness you are all okay and that your hubby did a backup.

Try and keep cool.
E x

Kaye - I'm sorry to hear about your computer being stolen (bastards!) I recommend an online storage - I use SugarSync. You can get a free account and see if you like it.

Christina Phillips said...

Oh no, Kaye, that's awful that your computer was stolen, I second Eleni, what total bastards. It's horrible enough that it's stolen, but then it's a nightmare having to get all the information back together again, isn't it ((Hugs))

Christina Phillips said...

Suz, the weather has been completely crazy lately. Thank goodness it's cooled down here now, finally. Yes, backing up is so vital. I'd be a wreck if I'd completely lost everything. It's scary how reliant we are on technology!!

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks, Eleni :-) It's damp and cloudy now! Honestly, it gets more like living in England every year with the changeable weather!!