Monday, August 03, 2009

I'm in the Menagerie!

Today I'm visiting with the lovely Kealie and ladies over at The Menagerie, where I'm chatting about drinking, thunderstorms and the last movie that made me cry (won't be going to see that one again, and I'm completely avoiding going to see My Sister's Keeper too!!!)

On Friday I was in Big W when I stumbled upon... ta da...Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5. OMG. I was so ridiculously excited I grabbed the DVD and might have squealed. Out loud. Thankfully my daughter was down the PC aisle so didn't have to disown me.

I couldn't wait till my husband got home so we could watch it because seriously, I've been gagging for this to come out so I could finally follow what was going on!! Anyway, can you believe it. He wanted to watch the cricket instead. Now, I know England is doing amazingly well, I've even been watching some of it (it has nothing to do with the hotness of certain players!) and yes it does make a huge change to actually watch a game where England isn't being ritualistically slaughtered by the Aussies!!! But still, we're talking about BSG here!

So I was secretly pleased when they had to abandon play on Saturday due to rain, since we ended up watching four episodes. *Happy Sigh*

I am very easy to please.


Mel Teshco said...

Isn't it brilliant to have that 'squee' feeling in the middle of Big W lol! Us writers are a passionate lot...

Helen Hardt said...

Already been to the Menagerie!

Cari Quinn said...

I loved your Menagerie interview! A glass of good Chardonnay can cure anything... ;)