Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Featured Attraction

Well, yum. The hero of Julie's debut M&B Modern Extra, Featured Attraction, is hot, funny and totally irrisistable. And did I mention hot...?

Besides having a little accident while *ahem* cooking dinner (for some weird reason my family thinks it's slightly warped to read in the kitchen - who knew) I had to escape to the bathroom to finish reading about Jack and Kitty. Hey, no way was I going to leave myself hanging after they managed to lock themselves in a deserted movie theatre with only popcorn, chocolate covered raisins and multi-flavoured condoms for company (and I wasn't disappointed there...waggles eyebrows)

I loved the way Jack dug himself into a bigger and bigger hole (at times literally!) and oh yeah what's with this John Cussuck thing going on?!

Can't wait to read more of Julie's work, and hopefully not so belatedly next time!


Sara Hantz said...

I'm going to use the reading excuse next time I'm cooking. It will make a change from the msning one

Christina Phillips said...

Beats me why families have this urge to be fed all the time!

Amanda Ashby said...

I love reading in the kitchen. Isn't that they are invented for? Oh...hang on...my husband is trying to say something to me...huh...well that doesn't make sense. Why would people want to cook in them?

ps glad you loved Julie's book. It rocked, didn't it!