Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hooked Online 15.02.05

How did I survive without the internet?

It's a serious question! When I first started writing, six years ago this Easter, sure we had the internet but I only used it for emailing family back in the UK - we'd recently moved to Australia.

Well, six years later I have a fantastic network of like minded writer friends, with whom I'm in constant cyber contact, I belong to a couple of excellent writer groups/loops, and also have a vast resource of research at my fingertips.

Last night the email and internet facilities on my computer decided to go awol. Bugger, what a nuisance. Must be a Telstra problem.

This morning, still a big fat nothing, and withdrawal symptoms set in. How am I supposed to function without my daily fix of gossip and giggles from my fellow witches? How am I supposed to write, when I can't type another word without finding out which coffees my heroine can order from Starbucks? Argh! Nightmare.

Turns out it's not a Telstra problem ... yeah okay... apparently our modem is not talking to the computer, or something techie like that. Clever hubby does lots of complicated fiddling and finally does that Time Machine trick and voila! We're back in the world of the living.

So now I'm feeling all happy and secure again, knowing I'm back online. Being out in the cold was like being left on a desert island, stranded, isolated... paranoid and neurotic haha! But it's quite scary really, being so dependent on a machine.

Reminds me of Terminator, actually.



Sara Hantz said...

What you need is a hobby, to take your mind off times like these when you become isolated from the whole of cyber civilisation. I know, what about train spotting. Or maybe.....cordon bleu cookery.....or.... nah....you probably wouldn't be interested.... well you might....what about.....writing stories using a pen and paper (gasp!!). Failing that you could do colouring instead!!!!

Christina Phillips said...

Pen and paper! Hmm, that's a novel idea. hehehe!

Amanda Ashby said...

put the pen down and step away from reality. it's not safe there. see, isn't the comforting embrace of cyberland a lot nicer.