Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Revenge is the reason I exist." BLOODLUST DENIED #MySexySaturday Hot Regency Romance

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday's End of Summer Anniversary Bash! Even though here in Australia we're in the middle of spring :-)

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 I'm sharing seven sexy paragraphs of my dark Regency romance, Bloodlust Denied. The vampire hero Alexius has just found Morana again, three years after their sizzling encounter in a London back street, and he's determined to exact revenge :-)

“Then enlighten me. You fascinate me, Miss Craven, and I’m determined to discover exactly what you are.”

If he ever discovered exactly what she was, he’d go insane. Vampires didn’t exist in polite society, and their immortal slayers were unheard of. Or perhaps he would merely think she was insane and attempt to have her locked away in an asylum. Either way, she had no intention of allowing him to unearth such devastating information.

“And do you always get your way?” She challenged him with a haughty glance.

“Always.” The dance concluded, yet he did not relinquish her hand nor acknowledge the musicians. His entire focus appeared centered upon her.

“I fear this time you face disappointment.”

He pulled her toward him in a most ungentlemanly manner. Desire quivered along her skin and spiraled around her sensitive nipples causing them to ache with need. She stared up into his eyes and tried to convince herself all she wanted from him was another mindless fuck in a darkened corner.

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