Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Sheikh & The Virgin ~ The Sheikh's Mistaken Bride #MySexySaturday

Welcome to this week's My Sexy Saturday! Today I'm sharing seven paragraphs from my sexy contemporary, The Sheikh's Mistaken Bride, which is the second novella in the box set Taken by the Sheikh.

He dipped his head and she loosened her grip on his shirt. His silky black hair brushed against her jaw as he trailed languid kisses along her throat. Even though he still cradled her head, she clutched his powerful biceps for support. His muscles were rock hard and the leashed power beneath her fingers caused her breast to constrict.

His breath was uneven as he gently nipped her sensitized flesh. The unexpected spark of pain intensified her pleasure and she shuddered in his arms. It was only when his hand slipped beneath her dress and caressed her stocking clad thigh that a sliver of sanity surfaced.

Gasping she pulled back as far as she could, considering his fingers were still tangled in her hair. His eyes were dark with passion and for a moment he looked nothing like the suave businessman she assumed he must be.

He looked wild and untamed, as though the charming philanderer was merely a flimsy fa├žade for the real man.

Instead of shocking her back to her senses, the crazy thought heightened the lust thundering through her blood. She almost forgot what she needed to say.


“Don’t tell me to stop.” His voice was deep and rich, like dark chocolate and smoky whiskey. His fingers inched higher and toyed with her lacy suspender. “I must have you tonight, Sanura.”

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Three desert Sheikhs. Three captive brides…
Bound by duty to honor their father’s dying wish, three royal brothers must marry their destined brides… by whatever means necessary…
Phillips` story was comically priceless and romantically satisfying. She also broke my heart and then mended it with an emotional rollercoaster. – See more at:
“Phillips’ story was comically priceless and romantically satisfying. She also broke my heart and then mended it with an emotional rollercoaster.” 5 Stars, Pure Jonel
“Christina Phillips excels at writing erotic romances… There are so many emotional ups and downs in this story; one minute I was wiping a tear from my eyes and the next I was immersed in yet another scorching scene between the hero and heroine” 5 Stars A Readers Review
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