Saturday, January 24, 2015

Taken by the Sheikh #99c Boxset Amazon Bestseller #MySexySaturday

This week's theme is I'm so Sexy, and here I'm showcasing 7 paragraphs from my recent release,  The Sheikh's Mistaken Bride from the box set Taken by the Sheikh.

Special price of 99c until Valentine's Day

This scene comes just after the hero, Khalid (aka as Andre) has asked Sanura to marry him. He has some persuasive techniques :-)  

He pulled the lingerie down her thighs and discarded them, exposing her to his avid gaze. “Tell me you accept my proposal.”

It was a command, but how could she refuse when he worshipped her body with his lips and tongue?

“Yes.” It was a sigh of surrender. Andre loomed over her, like a god from ancient times. His dark hair fell over his face, giving him a wild, dangerous air, and she mindlessly hooked her legs around his thighs.

Triumph glittered in his eyes, but she didn’t care. It was what she wanted.

He captured her lips, his kiss a mark of possession. The head of his cock pressed against her, but he didn’t push inside.

Finally he broke the kiss. She gasped incoherently and plunged her fingers in his hair, but he was immovable. “You won’t regret it.” His voice was little more than a growl and sent shivers of need racing across her skin.

She groaned, and dug her heels into his taut ass. She didn’t want to talk anymore. She just wanted him to love her, the way he had loved her throughout the previous night. With a feral grin Andre thrust into her, his thick length filling her completely. She bucked mindlessly, taking everything he gave her.

 Taken by the Sheikh has recently hit two bestseller lists on Amazon UK, and the Romantic Erotica List on Amazon US

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Three desert Sheikhs. Three captive brides…
Bound by duty to honor their father’s dying wish, three royal brothers must marry their destined brides… by whatever means necessary…
Phillips` story was comically priceless and romantically satisfying. She also broke my heart and then mended it with an emotional rollercoaster. – See more at:
“Phillips’ story was comically priceless and romantically satisfying. She also broke my heart and then mended it with an emotional rollercoaster.” 5 Stars, Pure Jonel
“Christina Phillips excels at writing erotic romances… There are so many emotional ups and downs in this story; one minute I was wiping a tear from my eyes and the next I was immersed in yet another scorching scene between the hero and heroine” 5 Stars A Readers Review
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