Saturday, November 08, 2014

Lust at First Sight #MySexySaturday Bad Boy Heroes Coming Soon

Welcome to this week's My Sexy Saturday! This week it's all about a sexy first. So I thought I'd share seven paragraphs of the first meeting between the hero and heroine of my upcoming Brazen from Entangled Publishing. I don't have a title or release date for this book yet but it's smoking hot and super sexy :-)

Jackson Grayson is from the wrong side of town. Scarlett Ashford's family own a powerful media empire. Their 'strictly business' date escalates into a steamy one night stand. But one night is not enough for either of them...

The man standing before her, taking up more space than any mortal had any right to, was over six feet tall with muscles that filled out his black tee to the point of indecency. Her mouth dried as she dragged her fascinated gaze up from his biceps and saw his stubble darkened jaw. A part of her mind registered there was a sardonic smile on his lips, but she was in no state to question it. She was still reeling from the impact of seeing Jackson Grayson in the flesh.
He was built. And he was devastating. But she already knew that from the gossip at work. It was the reason why she’d made the appointment. But even so, she hadn’t counted on him being so perfectly right for her purposes.
“I’ll leave you to it then,” the girl said. Scarlett had completely forgotten about her. She tried not to stare at Jackson’s messy black hair that brushed his shoulders. How would it feel to drag her fingers through that windswept mass?
“Yeah. Thanks, Ella.”
Even his voice dripped with sin. Dark and dangerous with a hint of deadly menace. Strange darts of pleasure stirred in places they had no business stirring. God, she was more turned on than she’d been in ages, and they hadn’t even touched yet.
The click of the door shutting behind her cut through her lustful thoughts. This was crazy. She was here on business. Ruthlessly she pulled up her years of exclusive boarding school education, where she’d learned to hide real emotions behind a cool fa├žade.
She stepped toward him and held out her hand. “Scarlett Ashford.”

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Shelley Munro said...

*fanning self* Great start, Christina. And congrats on your upcoming release. I love the Brazen line and look forward to your release :)

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks so much, Shelley!

Anonymous said...

Hello dark and dangerous...I'm ready for more!

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks, Nicolette, I'm quite partial to Jackson :-)

Unknown said...

Delicious snippet!

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks Elsa!