Tuesday, November 05, 2013

IN THE BLOOD is Out In the Wild! + Giveaway!

I'm so thrilled that my good friend and CP, Sara Hantz is today celebrating the release of her YA novel, In the Blood. Congratulations, Sara! I love this book and am so happy that it's hit the cyber shelves! And don't forget to enter Sara's fabulous contest below!



For seventeen years Jed Franklin’s life was normal. Then his father was charged with the abuse and murder of four young boys and normal became a nightmare.
His mom’s practically a walking zombie, he’s lost most of his friends, and the press camps out on his lawn. The only things that keep him sane are his little sis; his best friend and dream girl, Summer; and the alcohol he stashes in his room. But after Jed wakes up from a total blackout to discover a local kid has gone missing—a kid he was last seen talking to—he’s forced to face his greatest fear: that he could somehow be responsible.
In a life that’s spiraled out of control, Jed must decide if he chooses his own destiny with Summer by his side or if the violent urges that plagued his father are truly in the blood.

"In the Blood is emotionally draining and energizing at the same time and it will be on my list of best books read in 2013. I will not soon forget Jed Franklin." 5 Stars  Buried under Books

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bn100 said...

This sounds interesting

Tore923 said...

I really want to read this book. Sounds very good. Thanks for the giveaway.