Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Update on my Sexy Warriors

With publishing, it seems like forever can go by without very much happening and then all of sudden everything comes at once (rather like buses in England!!!)

I spent most of November and December last year doing revisions on my next Roman/Druid book, Betrayed, for my fabulous editor at Ellora's Cave. I sent that off to her on 18th December and she was very happy with the results, much to my relief.

In the New Year I gave my Regency Vampire novel, Bloodlust Denied, a thorough edit before sending it to my editor, who had requested an updated copy. Then I went back to Tainted (book 4 in my Roman/Druid series) and my gorgeous hero Gawain, and his Roman noblewoman heroine Antonia.

The current status on that book is - I am soooo near the end that I can taste it! I have about two more scenes plus an epilogue to write before I go back to the beginning and revise. The deadline on this book is 28th February so I should be OK.

However! Last night I received an email from my new developmental editor at Ellora's Cave, to let me know she would have the edited manuscript of Betrayed ready to send me on Monday. She also said how much she loved the story! That totally made my night :-)

So hopefully I might soon have a release date for Betrayed, which will be very exciting! It's been almost two years since Captive (book 2) hit the shelves and I am so looking forward to Nimue and Tacitus's story finally seeing the light :-)


Shelley Munro said...

It's so great when you can see the progress. :)

Christina Phillips said...

That is so true, Shelley!