Monday, December 19, 2011

New Look for the New Year

I know I'm a couple of weeks early for celebrating the arrival of 2012 but I thought I'd do a bit of spring cleaning on my blog (despite it being summer here in Oz and winter in my mind!) I'd had the old template for a while and thought it was time for a change.

And I'm so happy that two of my writer friends have releases this week! First of all congrats to fellow West Australian, Rachael Johns, whose debut romance from Carina Press, One Perfect Night is out now!

Here's the blurb!

Peppa Grant's fellow employees may call their new CEO Mr. McSexy, but she's also heard that he's aloof and distant. Cameron McCormac certainly seems cold toward Christmas when she meets him at the company's annual party...but he's also the sexiest man Peppa has ever seen. And when he offers to forgive the damage she accidentally caused to his expensive car in exchange for accompanying him to his family's holiday get-together, she agrees.

Cameron needs a date to the family party to get his matchmaking relatives off his back. Their chemistry is instant and undeniable, leading to an incredible one-night stand. But Peppa wants love and family, while Cameron's only interested in temporary pleasure. When their relationship takes an unexpectedly serious turn, will he run the other way—or will he give love a second chance?

And also big congrats to Kaye Manro who has a Medieval Christmas story out with Red Rose Publishing!

Here's the blurb!

A fortnight ago she left him.

Marcus of Windom stood alone in an empty castle without Lady Liana by his side. The frigid winds brought forth by the Yule Season pressed upon him. He pulled the parchment from whence he carried it and read her chilling parting words once again. I can no longer live as your lady-wife… If ever she returned would her sensual warmth be enough to melt the ice she had caused to form around his broken heart?


Rachael Johns said...

LOVE the new look and THANKS so much for the mention! :) Happy early 2012!!

Suzanne Brandyn Author said...

Love your new blog page Christina. Congratulations to Rachel and Kaye on their releases.
I'm gearing up for 2012. lol..

Merry Christmas and a Great New Year. I hope santa is good to you. All the best,

Suz :)

Christina Phillips said...

It's my pleasure, Rach! Happy 2012 to you too :-)

Thanks, Suz! Merry Christmas to you too, and I know 2012 is going to be absolutely fantastic for you with your upcoming releases!!

Kaye Manro said...

Geez! I was thinking about you and so I came over. And find that I missed your wonderful post that came out on my release day for A Medieval Yule! I guess I was so caught up.

First thanks! And next I wish you a wonderful and prosperous New Year! And last, not least though-- I love the new look!


Christina Phillips said...

Hi Kaye! This is such a hectic time of year :-) Congratulations once again on the release of A Medieval Yule and here's wishing you a very happy New Year!