Thursday, November 19, 2009

I've Gone off Chocolate

A couple of days ago while peeling potatoes, I managed to slice off the top of my finger. Like, ouch. That will teach me to day dream about my current hero when wielding a sharp implement! Last night, after dinner, I was munching on a mini-Mars bar when I bit into something crunchy. Since as far as I know Mars bars don't have crunchy bits I sent my tongue to investigate and discovered half my tooth had fallen off and was now in a million tiny fragments. Like, urgh!

I thought I'd need an emergency dash to the dentist but thankfully it doesn't hurt so fingers crossed it hangs on until the New Year. Dentist fees are ridiculous! And it's Christmas in less than six weeks! I'd much rather an e-reader than a dental cap!!

However, there is some good news as earlier in the week my husband hunted down a tiny rubber band for our coffee maker so HOORAY! My addiction is now being fed on a far too regular basis.

As for the writing, that's crawling along at a snail's pace but I've reached the conclusion that is all part of my process. I'm lucky to squeeze out 1k a day for the first third of a book, then it tends to creep up to 2k a day and by the time I hit the home stretch I'm up to 3k a day. At least that's what happened with the last two books and I'm comforting myself it's gonna happen with this one too!

And OMG. What do you think of Harlequin's latest venture, Horizons? Vanity publishing? Really?


Kaye Manro said...

Sorry about the finger and the tooth. But at least you have your coffee back! I still say you write fast.

And yes, OMG-- what is HQN thinking? RWA is not happy at all with them for this venture. I'd say they have gotten too big. And now the writing isn't their main focus. My opinion.

Helen Hardt said...

Oh Christina! Ouch on your finger and tooth. If I were there I'd bring you some chicken soup and a Margarita.

The Harlequin situation and RWA's response is all the buzz here. What is RW Australia's view?

Suzanne Brandyn Author said...

Oppsss. :) Don't you hate it when something happens to teeth. I hate going to the dentist but a necessary evil at times. As you also said, they are so expensive it's outrageous.
As for the Harlequin buzz, I think it's too early to make a judgement as yet. But there is definately uproar around.
Suz :)

Emma Lai said...

Poor, Christina! My husband bit into a caraway seed while on vacation in Austria and cracked his molar. It took him two years to get it capped.

Cathryn Hein said...

I had a series of teeth mishaps earlier this year. For four weeks I spent every Monday and one Thursday in the dentist's chair. Cost a fortune!

So much for the hideously expensive ceramic fillings my French dentist promised would last 20 years. They didn't even last 3!

You have my sympathy, Christina!

Cari Quinn said...

Double ouch, Christina! Good thing you have your coffee back.

Christina Phillips said...

Thank you for the sympathy! And Cari, thank goodness for the coffee. That kept me nicely buzzed :-)

Helen, RWAus is much of the same mind as the RWA. I'm sure Harl didn't think of all the spreading repercussions this action would provoke. Or perhaps they truly just don't care?