Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Conferences & Email or lack thereof

So the San Fran conference is upon us which means nearly everyone I know has flown off to the US!! Lucky things. I'm looking forward to detailed reports and lots of photos next week.

And my email isn't working. The internet is, but not my email. I kept hitting Send/Receive in the hope I might trick it and the server would magically let my emails through, but nope. I hate not getting my emails, I feel very isolated. And besides, I might have a Very Important Email out there in cyberspace, just sort of floating around and it makes me twitchy. I tried fiddling with all the connections and rebooting the computer but obviously it needs a sniff of a Y chromosone before complying. Blahhhhhh.

The NZ conference is in two and a half weeks and I've already started packing. Well sort of. Just getting the toiletry bits and pieces together. I have a paranoid fear of forgetting something desperately important (such as shampoo because, after all, it's impossible to buy shampoo in NZ... er, yeah...) well anyway. I find it exciting seeing my hot purple luggage out, and since it's out I might as well start to fill it!!


Kaye Manro said...

Hi, yeah, I feel left out too. I'm not going to RWA this year. Everybody is going.

I hope your email starts working again real soon. Something important could be waiting. I'm not too techy either. So I'm no help.

At least you get to go to the NZ conference... Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the photos of SF RWA too.

I hope you are taking photos at the NZ conference. Make sure you pack your camera...

Christina Phillips said...

Kaye, my email suddenly turned itself back on late afternoon, and I got an avalanche of emails!!! So that was good.

Sussan, I'm going to pinch my daughter's camera for the conference (she doesn't know it yet) since I'm not trusting mine after it lost all the pics of the Romance Roadshow the other month!

Rachael Blair said...

Hey Christina

I've gone a bit AWOL in blogland of late but when I saw your email was playing tricks, I thought I'd pop up and say Hi! Don't want you getting all lonely... I love my daily emails from my writing pals. So inspiring.

I think we're all jealous of those in SF but it will be fabulous to hear all the stories. And I'll echo Sussan's thoughts... we want intimate details and photos about NZ!! I'm joining NZ this year... just waiting for them to update the membership forms.

Right... will stop babbling now and force myself back to the wip! Trying to write through a humungous slump...


Christina Phillips said...

Ooh yay RACH! Look forward to seeing you on the RWNZ loop!!!