Sunday, April 13, 2008

Still Kicking

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth (not quite anyway) but it feels like it as I haven't been able to get online nearly as much as I should for my health! My lovely auntie is visiting from the UK today, so of course I had to make the house presentable. The only trouble is once you start down that dangerous road, it's never ending!!

Anyway, finally got it up to scratch after enlisting the assitance of two of the offspring and one darling husband. It's been six years since she's been over, so we're all looking forward to seeing her - but it does mean I won't be able to hop on the computer much over the next few days to check out what everyone's been up to. Friday afternoon and I'll definitely be there!!

(did I mention the writing... um, no I didn't... well, the good news is I think I've finally cracked the sluggy block I had. The not so good news is I have to wait nearly a week before I can get back to it!!)


Anonymous said...

Have fun visiting your auntie. I think it's important to keep in contact with family. It will surely be nice to see her after so many years. See you back on soon. House work--ugh! Who does like it.

Shelley Munro said...

Housework! Yuck - I'd far rather struggle with stubborn characters!
I hope you have a fun visit.

Anonymous said...

I had a birthday party at my house on Friday and had to make the house presentable. Then there was more cleaning do to once everyone left - sigh.

Enjoy your visit and I hope the muse is well primed for writing on Friday!