Friday, March 28, 2008

Luna anyone?

I hope everyone had a happy Easter and didn't scoff too many eggs!! I'm feeling very out of sorts with this early Easter, as the kids were off for the long weekend, are now back at school, and then will be off again for a fortnight in a couple of weeks time.


So I'm still slogging away on my full length Nocturne. My head is fit to explode with all the different threads I have, but last night a terrible thought occurred to me. Am I writing a Luna instead of a Nocturne??? And if I am, what should I do about it???

All I can do is carry on and see where this all leads me. Much as I love this story I'm finding it very hard getting the words down on the page/screen. A lot of it is because I'm still waiting to hear on the Bite, but I can't put too much blame on the waiting since I've spent the vast majority of my writing life waiting on responses, and that's never stopped me before!


Anonymous said...

Well, Christina-- I don't know if you are writing a Luna or a Nocturne. All I know is the same as you know-- check the guidelines and read a lot in the line you are targeting. As for Nocturnes, I've read most all that are out now, and I've sort of developed a feel for what they want. Luna's word count is longer and somewhat different than Nocturne, at least to me. I also love Berkley Sensation as a line. They are open to a vast bunch of different plots and such, paranormal included. So I've been looking in that direction too. I have a friend who has published two books with them. (As for being a lazy writer, I need to go post something on my blog too!!)

Shelley Munro said...

Sigh - I'm in waiting mode as well. I can't tell you how many times I check the email everyday. It does play on my mind, no matter how hard I shove it aside. As a result my writing is going slowly, but on the good side, only one chapter left to write.

Sometimes stories morph. It happens. Why don't you keep going and finish it then decide, especially if you love the story so much. It sounds like you have sub-plots. Can you lose some of them?

Christina Phillips said...

I just double checked the Luna guidelines, and it's predominately from the heroine's pov with a romance sub plot. Mine is a romance first, and the hero's pov is a strong component. The reason I wondered was because I thought I was getting too much of a fantasy feel - but according to the Noc guidelines, fantasy is ok!

Shelley - the waiting is a real pain in the butt. I sympathise *sigh*

Barrie said...

May the writing ends soon...and with good news!