Monday, October 02, 2006

Off the Planet

As if I didn't already know, I've now been stripped of any delusion that I harbour a shred of techno-savvy. For the last few days (feels likes months!) I've been building a website on FrontPage. Hmm. After about an hour of trying to open FrontPage, I emailed Amanda to ask her how.

She told me.

Yay! I opened the page and subsequently had to email the poor girl every half hour to ask her what to do next! A.R.G.H. During the last week Amanda's held my cyber hand and poured gin laden tea down my throat to calm my frazzled nerves. I bet she wished she'd never encouraged me to do the bloody thing now!

Because I have no wish to embarrass myself further, I'm going to cut a Very Long Story Short (will just add that building the site on FrontPage faded into rose tinted nostalgia when I tried to figure out the mysteries of Freeparking, Godaddy and transferring my pages into the folder! NIGHMARE CITY is all I can say!) and am desperately relieved to announce my new webpage is now up and working!


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!! Love your website. worth all the pain and suffering.

Sara (blogger won't sign me in for some reason)

Amanda Ashby said...

Well at least we now have something else in common - a compulsive shudder everytime we think of the words ftp!!!!!! And your website was soooo worth the pain

Christina Phillips said...

Ha. ftp says it all doesn't it?!