Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sara Hantz Sells!

Hooray! Such exciting news. One of the witches, Sara Hantz, has just sold her debut novel, titled The Second Virginity of Suzy Green, to Flux publishing!

It's been murder keeping my mouth shut about this, but now it's all official, because it's in Publisher's Marketplace.

Sara Hantz's debut THE SECOND VIRGINITY OF SUZY GREEN, about a girl who
joins a virginity club in her new town to try to make a new start, to Andrew
Karre at Flux, by Sara Crowe at Harvey Klinger

Sara's chronicled her brilliant sale story on her blog - I love sale stories and this one is a cracker! I got all emotional just reading about it again!

Huge congratulations, Sara. This is wonderful news, and we're all so proud of you and can't wait to see our Suzy on the shelves!

And - yes! Due to living down under I just so happened to be happily snoring away at every critical step. It's just got so way beyond a joke now, I mean what is the mystical link between the witches receiving fantastic news from NA and my nasal passageways?


Sara Hantz said...

We need you to be zzzing when the news comes in. You're our lucky mascot - our lucky SNORING mascot!! So long may it continue. The only time you can be awake is for your own good news and hopefully soon there will be plenty of that.

Thanks for the lovely post.

Christina Phillips said...

Sara, you are so welcome. I love sharing good news!

Nell Dixon said...

Great news! Popping in to say HI!!!

Amanda Ashby said...

Wow, this is so much fun. Like a blog crawl. But without the alcohol (or the crawling!). Anyway more yahooooooos to Sara and Christina. Hold onto your hat, cos it's your turn soon.

Christina Phillips said...

Holding onto my hat with both hands (I'm very obedient!)

Sara Hantz said...

Now you've admitted to being obedient, we're going to hold you to it!! You know what I mean.....