Sunday, April 16, 2006

Seven Year Itch

Writing itch, that is. Yes, it was seven years ago this Easter I decided to try and put my dreams of publication into practice, by actually sitting down and doing some writing.

My very first effort was a category length romance with weirdy paranormal overtones. The first publisher I sent it to was very enthusiastic and gave me a couple of rounds of revisions. Ah, I thought. Excitedly. At this rate I'll be pubbed by Christmas! And had great fun mentally spending all the dosh I was bound to make (yes. I was either incredibly naive or laughably stupid!!)

Unfortunately, between being offered a contract and said contract arriving, the publisher went into liquidation and although I tried other publishers it seemed weirdy paranormal cats weren't flavour of the month. Year. Decade...

Then I tried targetting Harlequin Mills and Boon and learned weirdy paranormal elements weren't encouraged so I turned to straight contemps. And over the next four years I wrote (and revised) at least a dozen mss, got to grips with Emotional Punch, sucked up a huge amount of invaluable information from the Harlequin website, but, most importantly, met lots of like minded people (ie writers! and romance writers at that!) including the three fabulous witches.

A couple of years ago I decided to try my hand at writing single titles (still straight contemporaries, although I did dabble with first person present - OMG! That was fun) but at the same time could no longer put off a story that had been driving me demented for at least four years. A dark paranormal short, that I sent off to a romance magazine which promptly folded. Sigh.

I wrote another two straight romances, while paranormal got hot. And hotter. And finally it dawned on me... I could go back to my first love of mixing romance with weirdy stuff.

So, it's been seven years and I'm once again writing about reincarnation, witches, psychics and strange magic. I know everything happens for a reason and the universe works in mysterious ways, but I sure hope this time the planets align long enough to snag me a fantabulous contract!


Amanda Ashby said...

Happy 7th Aniversary! I was just thinking the same thing since it was seven years ago at Easter that I started writing as well. We were obviously destined to met!

Anyway, I know great things are just around the corner for your wildly hot, funny, sexy, paranormal books!!!

Christina Phillips said...

Happy Anniversary Amanda!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm new to your blog and while I think I've understood that your paranormal stuff hasn't been published, I'm not sure whether you've been published otherwise or not. Enlightenment on the subject would be appreciated :-)

I'll be popping back.

~Sharon J

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Sharon,

No, unfortunately I'm not pubbed yet, but I live in hope! Thanks for visiting!

Sara Hantz said...

how come you can remember exactly when you started to write seriously????? hmmm??????

Christina Phillips said...

Sara, it's easy for me to keep count because it was the first Easter after we moved to Australia!