Saturday, October 29, 2005

Amanda Ashby!

I've been sitting on this news for weeks - but finally I can announce the sale of my great friend Amanda's debut novel!

I'm thrilled for her because not only is she a great writer, but also a fabulous friend and brilliant CP and so totally deserves this success. It only goes to prove good things do happen to lovely people!

I'm not going to spill the title here, in case I'm not allowed to (hahaa!) but it's really cool and unforgettable and what's more completely sums up the premise of the book (always a good thing!)

So GO AMANDA! We're all so proud of you!


Anonymous said...

Well, I haven't got a blog so I am sooooooo glad you mentioned Amanda's sale here, Christina! I agree with everything you wrote (well, Amanda is my brilliant friend and CP, too) and it's been such an exciting time sharing all the ins and outs Amanda's well-deserved acceptance!
Don't know if this will come up as 'anonymous' but in case it does -
I am the OAP

Amanda Ashby said...

Awh, you guys say the nicest things. Lots of cyber bribery money coming your way!

Sara Hantz said...

What a great way to ressurect your blog!!! And everything you say about Amanda I agree with in spades!!! YAY Amanda - the first of many sales to be reported live on Karen's blog!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats hope there is some good news for you Christina I am routing for you. Congrats to your friend Amanda.
From Janet the Brit