Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hot Highland Warrior HER VENGEFUL SCOT #SPeekSunday #erotic #historical

Welcome to this week's Sneak Peek Sunday! Today I'm sharing 6 paragraphs from Her Vengeful Scot, the second book in my Highland Warrior Chronicles set in the ninth century, and which is hitting the cyber shelves this coming Friday - 4th July!

This scene comes directly after Cam and Elise share their first kiss...

“I must go.” Her voice was breathless but she didn’t look away from him, as if searching for an escape route. She stared at him, and he had the strangest certainty that the lingering tendrils of fear that still clung to her were not directed at him.

It didn’t make sense. None of this made sense. He gritted his teeth, fought to batten down the rabid lust that clamored through his blood and only then trusted himself to speak.

“Why?” It was a feral growl and Elise tensed. He had the surreal notion she was bracing herself for scathing insults. What the fuck was he thinking? No man would insult a princess. Certainly no man would insult Elise. He bared his teeth at her in a poor attempt at a smile. “Because I don’t shower you with pretty words?”

She bit her lip. He caught a glimpse of her white, even teeth and the sight sent a shocking spear of need through his groin. But much as he wanted to despise her, he had the uncanny certainty that she hadn’t deliberately led him on.

She had, after all, promised him nothing. It had all been in his mind. But it didn’t ease the fire in his blood or the ache in his balls.

Or the grim knowledge that had he been Ross, this night would not have ended with harsh words or thwarted lust.

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